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The Troubles in Derry: Peace will overcome


The idea of creating a multimedia narration about the Troubles starts from the experience of a cultural exchange, exactly a Comenius project called “European Learning Pathway: Derry/Rome” that involves about 40 students from both our school Liceo Scientifico “Teresa Gullace Talotta” of Rome and St. Cecilia’s College of Derry.
Last October during the visit of the Irish students in Rome they presented their town and their recent history giving us a touching overview of what has happened in their country over the last 40 years. The tragic history of the conflict between Catholics and Protestants deeply affected us so we decided to study in depth those events and to create these materials to underline the importance of the memory in our life.
In our recent visit to Derry from 1st to 10th April we had the opportunity of seeing the places of the memory and of reliving the hatred and the violence of the Troubles in all their cruelty and stupidity.

Memory is the only way to understand the present and learn from the past; our view of history shapes the way we view the present. Now we can understand how it is important to fight for something you really believe in, to strive for civil rights in a peaceful and non-violent way, to lose your life for your ideals, to remember not to forget, to hope for a real peace process.

(Students of 4B - Liceo Scientifico Statale "Teresa Gullace Talotta", Rome)