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The Troubles in Derry: Peace will overcome

The project

The class worked mainly in groups of 3-4 students. Each group focussed on a topic, first looking for and selecting materials and documents, then preparing the texts for each section and choosing photos. In each step they were supported by the English teacher who helped them with the general plan of the multimedia narration. Most of the work was done at home (selection of materials) and at school in the multimedia lab (editing, uploading of images and recording of texts). Cooperative Learning approach was used giving each student within the group a role to play throughout the project. The recent visit to Derry was really helpful, in particular the tour of the Bogside Area and the Museum of Free Derry. Also the guided tour of the Troubles area in Belfast was very interesting to better understand the tragic events that have torn Northern Ireland over the last forty years.
The students took part actively in the project becoming aware of the origins and consequences of the Troubles and sharing their ideas with the Irish students of St. Cecilia's College, Derry. They have developed teamwork, cooperation, cross-curricular skills as well as they have improved their language and communication skills.